About us

We are Rebecca Vermeersch and Martin Govaert. We live in Oudegem, in the middle of Belgium, about 30 kms from Brussels. 

We had our first Icelandic Sheepdog in December 2014, when I went to Iceland to get Valka. Earlier that year we visited Iceland for the first time and immediatly fell in love. More trips to Iceland have followed and hopefully there will be many more in the future. 

The love and joy we got from Valka infected us with the "Icelandic Sheepdog Virus", which is very difficult to recover from. ;-)

About 1.5 year later, Hrafna-Fjóla joined our family, adding some more Icelandic Sheepdog love, since you can never have enough of that.  

We are so convinced about our choice for this breed, that we started our own Icelandic Sheepdog kennel. However we will remain a very small breeder with few litters, as we mainly breed when we want a puppy ourselves. In that opinion we breed the kind of dogs we like: healthy, happy, with a good character, beautiful and in accordance with the breed standard. 
As the Icelandic Sheepdog is a breed with low genetic diversity, we try to deliver a contribution to the genetic diversity program. However, health and character will always come first for us. 

Since you have found this website, I assume you already know what a wonderful breed the Icelandic Sheepdog is. And I don't have to convince you anymore of all the great characteristics of these dogs. They are the most happy, joyful, lovely dogs I know, with a great sense of humour.