Smalaskála Valka

Smalaskála Valka was born on October 5 2014 in Iceland. Her breeder is Kristín Petrína Birgisdóttir.

Valka was our first Icelandic Sheepdog and will always be special to us. She is the foundation of our love for the breed. We have always had dogs, but Valka was the beginning of a whole new world, with many new friendships. 

Valka has a mind of her own. She is funny, stubborn and very loud. But also very sweet and "always willing to help". She is not a dog that does a lot of things, just because you ask so. She will decide for herself and she does not like to be pushed to doing anything. 

At the time we got Valka, the world of showing and breeding was unknown to us. She didn't get any showtraining as a puppy and she doesn't like to be inside a hall with hundreds of other dogs. So we only do outdoor shows with her, like the championship clubmatch in the Netherlands. Although she doesn't have a lot of experience, she does get nice results and we are very proud of her. 

We do not plan to breed with Valka, so she has not had any health tests. 


inbreeding: 24,29%

mean kinship: 21.4 (orange)

kleur: Oranje