Hrafna-Fjóla fra Dyrgjadottir

Fjóla was born in Germany on January 22 2016. Her breerder is Elke Landrock-Bill. 

Fjóla is Belgian Beauty Champion, Dutch Champion and International Champion. 

Fjóla has a lovely character. She is sweet and soft to her people, but enthusiastic and playful with the other dogs. She is easy-going and we can take her anywhere. She goes with us on holiday to vacation homesand hotels. She adjusts very well. 
Fjóla is used to going on show and knows exactly what is expected from her. At home she loves to play in the mud and bark at the horses. ;-)

Hrafna-Fjóla passed all the necessary health tests without any problem.



Eyes clear

Patella Luxatie clear

inbreeding: 22,16%

mean kinship: 21,24 (orange)

Picture by Karl Donvil